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Monday, March 9, 2009

The It Bag

yups...more bags for you lovely girls

this one is very much functional which totally suit the seamstress's working lifestyle now which requires lugging her lap top everywhere she goes......

and if you are tired of lugging it with the handles...simply just strap on the adjustable straps and it can transform into shoulder/sling bag...and what's more is that the strap can be tucked underneath the bag so that it won't be hanging or dangling around which gives us a sense of tidiness for those who are kinda OCD like us...hee!







*charcoal grey*





*matte gold finishings*


*strap can be tucked neatly underneath the bag*


*fully lined interior* *handphone and extra zipped compartment inside* *meticulous stitching*


RM 69

[BS 80]

Material: Faux Leather
12" x 6" x 13" (excluding handles)
height from top of bag to handles 9"
Colors: Black [SOLD OUT], White, Cream [SOLD OUT], Charcoal Grey [SOLD OUT]
Status: Last piece in White

* postage fee RM 9 WM or RM 11 EM*

*restockable subjected to availability*


this out for those jumpsuits which are already making waves at runways! although it emerged a few seasons ago and no one thought that it'll kick off as a trend this season. our advice to you is that you should get one before it goes too mainstream

and when it comes to jumpsuits....our mind sure seem to wonder off to the ABBA era or the statement making ones which seems to be tad dowdy or tacky....

the one that we have we might put in in a way that it is simply un-dowdy or rather un-tacky =) we have three words for this item : tailored, sophisticated and most of all sexy....

pair it up with a pair of killer heel, you're sure to make heads turn



just the right amount ruffles at the top bustier area...simply adoring!!!


*detachable sash*


*navy blue*





Some celebs looking their best in jumpsuits

Milan Fashion Week

Lanvin 2009

Terri Seymour (Simon Cowell's gf)

*credit to*

RM 54

[BS 79 ]

Fits: UK size 6 and 8 only
Material : Stiff Cotton
Length 37"
Pit-to-pit 11.5"
Waist 15.5"
(slightly smocked at the back)

Hips 20"
Colors: Grey [SOLD], Black [SOLD] and Navy Blue [SOLD]
Status: SOLD OUT

Sunday, March 8, 2009


aahh...we definitely love those ruffles that have been making make for a strong fashion statement in a architectonic way

but we surely prefer soft pleated ruffles which gives the delicate feminine look

and the cross back design...simply completes the girl next door look...perfect for first dates,we say!






*cross-back, subtly sexy*


*light mustard*


RM 50

[BS 77]

Fits: UK size 6, 8 and small 10
Material: Cotton
Pit-to-pit 17"
Length 32"
Colors: White, Black [SOLD and Light Mustard
Status: Available in White and Light Mustard

*belts are not included in purchase*

Accompanying belt:




RM 30

[BS 78]

Material: Stretchable Elastic
Measurements: 21"
Colors: Dark Brown , Red and White [RESERVED]
Status: Available in Dark Brown and Red

seamstress's promo : if you purchase Girl-Next-Door with the accompanying belt total will be RM 70 only instead of RM 80 (RM 50 + RM 30)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Caution! Updates Ahead!

hey babes!

we'll be updating real soon! probably around tomorrow afternoon!!!!

apologies again for the lack of updates...the seamstress has recently just stared a new job and is in the midst of adjusting herself to the new environment...
will try to sneak in more time to answer the emails and text messages,aight??

and we're restocking one of our very best sellers this time too!!!

remember this?


we're sure that you guys do...YES! we'll be collecting restock orders from now til Wednesday 11th March 2009 and payment must be made latest by Thursday evening 12th March 2009! restock available for all the colors!

so whaddya waiting for babes? mail us quick now!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


a Kathy van Zeeland inspired chain tote!

we found it!!!!!!!

we tend to be overly excited when it comes to new brands we love.....=)

*check out the bold gold finishings on the zipper*

left: Yale Blue right: Classic Black


gold chain handles
*totally hearts*

up close shot of the emblem


another up close shot...just wanna show you guys how intricate the design is =)


both left and right side of the bag are flanked with side pockets *very handy for storing small items*


additional zipped compartment at the back part of the bag


metallic feet studs *double hearts*


*comes with adjustable strap to transform this lovely into a shoulder bag*

*fully lined and handphone compartments available in the interior*

RM 75

[BS 76]

Material: Faux Leather
13" x 5" x 10" (excluding height of handles)
length of handles 15"

Colors: Classic Black [LAST PIECE] and Yale Blue [SOLD OUT]
Status: Available last piece in Classic Black

*restockable subjected to availability*

postage RM 9 for WM or RM 12 for EM

mail us at:

for faster transactions, text us at:
012 393 2118

note: this is an INSPIRED item, not original neither it is an exact replica

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilted Hobo


at any point of our life, we're sure to come to like large bags...

it's convenient and can fit lots and lots of things...cardigans, make-up,water bottle and even a camera too!

we have one which is exactly what fits the criteria for a stylish yet convenient bag

the cute large quilted design of this uber cute, right?

*Classic Black*

we know that with large bags, we tend to stuff in more items until the handle hurts our shoulders. but fret not, with the weaved handles on this bag...we're sure you guys won't feel any discomfort =) we promise...!


left and right of the bag are flanked with side pockets which comes in handy for storing more items


check out the interior pattern lining of the bag....gasp!


extra zipped compartment at the back part of the bag to house valuable stuff like cash or handphone


not to mention that you can transform this lovely into a shoulder bag with the help of the extra adjustable straps provided...strap it on baby and you're ready to go!


also available in Yale Blue


RM 70

[BS 75]

Material: Faux Leather
15" x 5"x 15" (excluding height of handles)
Colors: Classic Black [SOLD OUT, 15/02/09-RESTOCKED : LAST PIECE], Yale Blue [SOLD OUT]

*restockable subjected to availability*

postage fee : RM 9 for WM and RM 12 EM

mail us at :

for faster transaction, text us at :
012 393 2118

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes and No

hey babes!!!

YES we are back from our CNY break....and NO we are not being inactive or ignoring mails as speculated

forgive us for putting you guys through this...and what is important right now that we are back! and have brought in new items...

we will be opening the reorders for the Herm├Ęs Birkin Inspired Tote in all the colors as promised :)

restock orders will be starting from now until 10th February 2009 Tuesday and payment made latest on 12th February 2009 Thursday 12pm

as the response was overwhelming....for those who have mailed me earlier before CNY about reorders, please drop us a reorder mail again to remind us because we don't want to leave you out on the restock orders

we are quite absent-minded when it comes to dealing with the mass amount of emails we received...sorry for the inconvenience!!

apart from the restock orders...we have brought in more new bags...will be posting it up real soon so stay tuned

much love

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Juicy Couture Inspired Lock-Gossip Leather Handbag


note: this is an INSPIRED item, not original neither it is an exact replica

one designer inspired updates after another, babes!

what caught our eyes on this handbag is the beautiful structure of the leather. intriguing as it is the leather is shaped in a diagonal pattern and it's absolutely gorgeous!

love how the handbag has a slouchy shape to it that makes any hobo have that extra edge compared to the rest out there

surprisingly lightweight BUT extra roomy in size, that's how we like our bag made of right?

not forgetting the bold gold finishings on the handles and the top zip closure....really gets us excited just describing it,already..just imagine if you could just get your hands on this baby! more thing..the white pipping details really make this lovely a stand out in the crowd





*dark brown*


*meticulous white stitching*

*bold gold finishings*

*white piping details*


*fully patterned lined, handphone and zipped compartment inside*

RM 75

[BS 74]

Material: Superb Soft Faux Leather
18" x 4" x 16" (excluding height of straps)
height from top of bag til straps 9"
length of straps 15"

Colors: Black [SOLD OUT], Dark Brown [SOLD OUT], Tan [SOLD OUT]
Status: Available in Limited Stocks!

postage fee: RM 8 for WM and RM 10 for EM


mail us at

or for faster transaction,text us at
012 393 2118
(not at ungodly hours,aight? =P)